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The Ploom

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revolutionary way to enjoy real tobacco in style

Ploom modelTwo is a handheld device for warming our proprietary tobacco pods just enough to release their flavor in the form of a delicious, satisfying vapor. You can ploom four to five flavorful pods on each charge.


  • 1 Ploom with Mouthpiece 
  • 1 Ploom Instruction Manual 
  • 1 USB charging station

    for use exclusively with Ploom pods

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Pearl (White)

Slate (Charcoal Grey)

  • vapor

    An alternative method of consuming tobacco, Ploom heats, never burns tobacco providing a flavorful vapor for you to enjoy.

  • heats, never burns

    Ploom heats the tobacco pods to the point at which flavor and nicotine is released in the form of vapor.

  • compact design

    The pen-sized Ploom fits in your pocket. It is light and portable. Put in your pod and you are ready to go.

  • easy to use

    An indicator button turns the device on and off, shows the battery level and tells you when your device is ready to use.

  • hassle-free pods

    Ploom uses single-serving Ploom pods pre-filled with the highest quality ingredients. The recyclable self-contained tobacco pods are clean, convenient, and perfect every time.

  • charge

    Simply place your Ploom on the included USB docking station and plug the dock into the nearest USB outlet to charge.

Technical Specifications

ploom pods

Made from anodized, food-grade aluminum. Pods can be recycled.


Rechargeable power source.


Ploom heats up and is ready to enjoy in as little as 30 seconds.

LED indicator light

Displays heating status and battery level.

  • I love my ploom! i don't know where i would be without this device. It is my own personal belief that this device has greatly improved my quality of life and changed how people perceive me. People now view me as a trendy person with a strong belief in my own personal health. I have already gotten a lot of my friends give it a try and they love it to and have experienced the same benefits! One of my favorite companies! Ploom! Keep it up!

    Matt M.

  • Just picked this up today, with a multipack and all I can say is wow. I'm used to smoking e-liquids and cigarettes and this just blows both out of the water. I wasn't too crazy about the rocket pod, but kick ass mint and gold are awesome. I'm looking forward to jaybird next!

    Connor D.

  • Wow. Just wow. Awesome flavor, smooth hit, and smoke and odor free. Awesome product I look forward to using again and again.

    Michael W.

  • Take the coffee pods you know from nespresso & co., shrink them so they fit into a cigarette-like device and you will get the cigarette-cigar-shisha-hybrid called ‘Ploom’… not only the packaging but also the device itself is reminiscent of an Apple product.

    Afraid of Us, Blog

  • Ploom is the new way of smoking… The sophisticated elegant novelty treats your palate to a totally new experience. A sense of quality instead of smelliness. The common cigarette stubs are a thing of the past. They are replaced by small, brightly colored pods in various blends. We ploom.

    Dresscode, Blog

  • Ploom is to be established as the new way of enjoying tobacco and bears a strong resemblance to Nespresso in the way it works. For the Ploom device is the equivalent to a coffee machine, and the tobacco pods look very much like the Nespresso pods. The extremely attractive overall design, from logo to packaging, is likely to attract a group of people representing a certain lifestyle.

    Simply 4 Friends, Blog

  • Smoker porn - there is no other word for it. A stylish electronic device, subtly reminding us of an ipod... this is not an e-cigarette, but real tobacco...

    Arsch Geweiht, Blog

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